Kuzuko Foundation educates children and exposes them to the effect of evasive plant species, such as prickly pear, jointed cactus and mother of millions. In addition the foundation’s volunteers remove problem plants using a various methods.

Thousands of hectares of indigenous vegetation had been decimated over the past century by the over grazing of goats and the encroachment of alien vegetation. This reduced the land to desert and wiped out natural feeding areas for the indigenous game, like elephant and black rhinos.

To counter act this, the Kuzuko reserve launched a massive eco-friendly intervention, where we cleared 250 hectares of alien vegetation and began planting the magical indigenous dwarf jade plant, also known as spekboom. After 150 years, we have been able to introduce from 2005, elephant and black rhino to the Kuzuko reserve. Additional game like buffalo and antelope, followed by predators, were introduced in phases from 2007.