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Education on conservation can only be effective and successful if we teach our children to love and protect their living heritage. As part of the upliftment of the disadvantaged communities surrounding our reserve, Kuzuko offers an educational programme funded by the Kuzuko Foundation.



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Students & Internships

We are committed to the training, upskilling and personal development of our community. Added to this, Kuzuko has partnered with the Wilderness Foundation, who have pioneering programmes, where young adults from broken backgrounds are selected.  

Kuzuko Lodge employs and trains staff from local communities. What a privilege to see these young people developing in confidence and stature.  

Farm School Environmental Education

Without community support, the future of rhino and other endangered species is doomed. It is therefore essential that we ignite a passion for wildlife amongst our youth. Many rural children living close to game reserves – and even urban children – have never had the opportunity to see rhinos in the wild, nor do they fully understand the value of conservation and its links to culture, heritage, job creation and rural development. The Rhino Art Project aims to gather the largest number of children’s ‘Art Voices’ ever recorded and to let the children’s voices be heard.

Our Kuzuko Foundation Representative, Freddie, at our latest Rhino Art event with Kingsley Holgate. 

Kingsley Holgate is a South African explorer, humanitarian and author. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he has been described by Getaway Magazine as “the most travelled man in Africa” and has modelled himself on David Livingstone.



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